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Kind To Mind Talks and Workshops


Mental health and wellbeing talks curated from a mix of personal experience, clinical and academic knowledge. Designed for those with a duty of care or simply wanting to expand their knowledge. Workshops are designed for service users and youth wanting to improve their personal wellbeing.

Most popular sessions:

- Anxiety Management

- Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

- Safeguarding Mental Health

- Stress Management in the Workplace


Talks and Workshops start at £95 per session. Discounts are available for charitable or social impact organisations.

Get in touch to find out more.

Music, Movement and Mindfulness


Carolyn Baynes runs courses for beginning and experienced meditators.  She runs a podcast called Centring Down with Compassion and has 25 years experience in teaching music and movement. She uses Music Movement and mindfulness to bring healing to body mind and soul for those struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma and life challenges including Long Covid, parenting, and bereavement.

Location: Quaker Meeting House, 36 Tilford Road, Farnham


Classes £10 each (bursaries awarded on need basis)

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